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Beauty Review: OLAY Regenerist 3 point firming anti-ageing night cream

My rating: ★★☆☆☆ / My skin type: Dry/Sensitive

One of my biggest skincare purchases are face creams. I love to try new ones but also most often disappointed. 

I tried this one by Olay because I needed a new night cream to use alongside my regular one (by Nivea which I will touch on in another blog post). I bought this one purely based on the Amazon reviews (like a lot of people, reviews is a super important factor which dictates why I would purchase something) and also because it is a recognisable brand (I grew up seeing my mother using a lot of products by Olay).

Upon using, the texture is rich, thick, sinks nicely into the skin and doesn't really have a scent. It was also a little 'stingy' on my skin, which isn't uncommon since my skin is dry/sensitive so I am quite used to this feeling on some creams. However, the following morning, my skin had tiny little red spots all over. I wasn't that surprised, especially since it was stingy on my skin upon first application and is a common outcome on creams that are too rich.

The spots didn't really go down after a couple of days even though I ceased using it so that was disappointing. 

A couple of weeks later once my skin cleared up entirely, I decided to try it again. Surely a cream by a brand that has been around for over half a century can't have such an awful effect on my skin?! I tried it again, and the same thing happened. 

So, for someone with dry/sensitive skin and experienced side effects from using this cream, I can't actually give an entirely genuine report about the benefits of using this product which is a shame. This doesn't put me off using Olay products in future, but maybe this cream would be better for skin that isn't sensitive.

Photo is my own.

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