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TV Series Review: Sharp Objects. (2018)

My rating: ★★★★☆

My husband and I came across this show and the synopsis sounded different to a lot of the other shows we were currently watching. The cast was excellent and with it being a mini-series, we didn't feel as if we were adding on another TV show to keep on top of for a long time. We could just get through it quite quickly and not need to commit to watching several episodes/seasons.

'Sharp Objects' is based on Gillian Flynn's novel and stars Amy Adams as Camille Preaker who is a reporter returning to her hometown to document the murders of two young girls.

Firstly, the soundtrack is amazing. I discovered LCD Soundsystem! Music is used in an extremely creative way throughout the entire series with an immersive quality to it. The cinematography is beautiful and the costumes are dreamy, particularly outfits worn by Camille's mother, Adora, played by Patricia Clarkson.

The episodes are quite slow-paced, almost a little 'lazy' but this adds to the general mood and final build up of the show. It does require a lot of focus otherwise you end up missing little details, which, now that I have reached the end, are very important clues. The characters are strong and as a viewer, you often feel 'on the fence' about them. I didn't feel that there was a clear protagonist or antagonist, which is what made this show so interesting. The roles of protagonist/antagonist often changed which kept you on edge on 'who to trust'.

Amy Adams as the lead actor was definitely the star of the show, I have yet to watch any film with her in it and be disappointed. 

I would recommend this show for those looking for something a little different and can appreciate a beautifully filmed TV show. 

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