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Collaboration: Alexandra Leigh

My first contact with Alex was WAY back in 2014 when she messaged me via Facebook asking if I was interested in collaborating as she loved my designs.
At the time, I was working full-time in the Fashion industry as a mid-level designer and trying to 'climb the ladder'... so my own brand wasn't that much of a priority, I never seemed to have time and admittedly, I was also dubious about lending my pieces out to strangers... however, I loved her aesthetic and I was still keen to make this happen eventually.
Fast forward a whole 5 years later when I was getting my Facebook page in order, and came across a message Alex had sent me in 2017 about a collaboration. I hadn't seen this message! I decided to ping her a message back apologising for the year delay and that I was keen to finally work together. By this time, I was now 'Head of Design' in my Fashion Design career and knew how to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible ..... and didn't have a handful of people to report to... so was no longer working such long hours as I previously had been and I was a little more relaxed about lending out my dresses.
Well, here are the gorgeous photos Alex sent to me of some of my sustainable, upcycled vintage slip dresses she shot in conjunction with her head pieces (how amazing are they!!). It's so lovely to see them interpreted by someone else and we actually have a 2nd shoot coming up soon!
Photography and head pieces by Alexandra Leigh
Dresses by nuvonova

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